A Journey Through Time…Rich With Stories
The Jane Addams Recreational Trail


Each journey on the trail is a new story and a new experience with the ever-changing plant life, animals, birds, rock layers and topographic features.

The trail tells the story of man’s history as well, from the Native Americans to the pioneer families to the entrepreneurs who built the mills around which villages and cities grew.

The path, which has seen so much history, has been restored as a source of beauty, nature, exercise and fun.

We invite you to create your own stories as you discover the Jane Addams Trail.

Jane addams Trail bridge
Trail Highlights
  • 17 miles from Tutty’s Crossing Trailhead in downtown Freeport to Wisconsin state line where it connects to the Badger Trail, a 40-mile trail to Madison, Wisconsin. Note that Wisconsin charges a trail admission fee
  • 4.1 miles asphalt paved path from Tutty’s Crossing Trailhead to Wes Block Trailhead with two short sections of no-road bike lanes. 10 foot wide, level grade, crushed limestone surface from Wes Block Trailhead to Wisconsin state line.
  • 22 bridges including the historic Van Buren Bridge across the Pecatonica River, erected in 1885, and a Covered Bridge outside of Orangeville
  • Bordered by the Pecatonica River, Richland Creek and Cedar Creek
  • Travels through historic downtown Freeport, the Old River School Historic District Neighborhood, and past natural wetlands, old oak woods, grassland prairies, exposed rock embankments, active farms, and several small communities as well as the Village of Orangeville
  • Part of the Grand Illinois Trail that traverses northern Illinois from Lake Michigan to the Mississippi River





    Schedule of Meetings for 2023/2024
Meeting Place: Freeport Park District Administrative Center, 1122 S. Burchard Avenue, Freeport, IL
Time: Noon
(Prior to attending, please call 815-235-6114 to confirm meetings)


January, 2023: January 19

February, 2023: February 16

March, 2023: March, 16

April, 2023: April 20

May, 2023: May 18

June, 2023: June 15

July, 2023: July 20

August, 2023: August 17

September, 2023: September 28 (rescheduled)

October, 2023: October 19

November, 2023: November 16

December, 2023: December 14

January, 2024: January 18

February, 2024: February 15

March, 2024: March 21

April, 2024: April 18

May, 2024: May 16

June, 2024: June 20

For more information contact: Freeport Park District 1122 S. Burchard, P.O. Box 417 Freeport, IL 61032
Trailheads and Parking
  • Tutty’s Crossing Trailhead 250 E. Stephenson Street, Freeport. Adjacent to the Pecatonica River. Parking, Information, Boat Launch, Water, Wes Robinson Memorial Garden (Shelter, Restrooms and other amenities under development)
  • Wes Block Trail Access 2636 W. Fairview Road, Freeport. Exit off Illinois Highway 26, 1/4 mile south of the U.S. Highway 20 intersection to Riverside Drive. Follow Riverside past the Baymont Inn and Suites, then right on Heine Road to the trailhead. Parking, Shelter, Restroom, Boat Launch, Water
  • Cedarville Road 2875 W. Cedarville Road, Freeport. West of Village of Cedarville. Parking 1/8 mile west of Trail, Wayside on Trail
  • Red Oak Beaver Road off Red Oak Road. Parking, Portable Restroom in Summer
  • Buena Vista, McConnell Road. Parking
  • Richland Creek Trailhead, 101 N. Ewing Street, Orangeville. Parking, Shelter, Restroom, Water